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Dear Customers,
FORMAKO, spol. s r.o., is a manufacturer of cutting blades.

We use over twenty types of cutting tool steel for our blades. We work the steel cold using mechanical and hydraulic machines.
We offer cutting blades for shoe manufacturers, haberdashers, saddlers, bag makers, the clothing industry, gasket manufacturers (coiled and turned), etc.
We also have a wealth of experience with manufacturing cutting blades for the automotive industry.


- custom manufacturing of cutting knives based on specifications (templates, drawings, etc.)
-manufacturing specifications can be submitted electronically (e.g. as dxf, cdr, etc.)
- using high-quality strip steel made by Böhler Uddeholm
- normal material heights: 19, 25, 30, 32, 50


- made of PP
- hardness and uses:
   - white (75-78 Shöre, textiles, rubber)
   - green (65-69 Shöre, leather)
   - carving (72 Shöre, hand crafts)
- standard sizes & prices, see price list
- non-standard sizes by arrangement
- reprocessing of used cutting boards, see price list


- cutouts using conventional and overhead hydraulic machines (paper, leather, textiles, plastics, plastic foam, gaskets, etc.)

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